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  1. TVirus

    TGP Surfer Beta V2 now available on Android!

    Download now on Google Play! Known Bugs - Leaderboards not tracking new scores (Waiting for next store update) - Increase number of coins earned for watching ads from 20 to 35 (ads range from 5s to 30s) FIXED - Ad reward button disappears sometimes (reset game to fix) FIXED - Hands and...
  2. TVirus

    VIP Information (TF2)

    Coming soon!
  3. TVirus

    Battle on the Royal Playtest Sign-Ups

    Hello! Every Friday I will hold playtests of the TGP Battle on the Royal board game! A board game with battle royale mechanics including shrinking zones, stats and a lot more! Comment when you'll be able to attend and I will mark it down! Up to 6 players per game! We may have random play...
  4. TVirus

    TGP Trade Server Rules

    Here is the set of rules we follow on the trade server! These rules are subject to change. 1. English should be the only language spoken and used in the public voice area. 2. Respect all Players and admins. 3. Scamming, attempts of scamming, and any along those lines will not be tolerated. 4...
  5. TVirus

    Top Speedrun Times on TGP Trading Server!

    Hello! Create a thread for your top time entry here! Keep track of the current top times here! Rules: - Boosting is fine (getting speed in spawn, no vip or admin commands allowed) - Must be on TGP Server Top Speedrun Times Run Current Top Time Record Holder !bhop Version 2 (current) #1...
  6. TVirus

    Giveaway on TGP Trading Server!

    In 1 hour we will be giving away a Bloodsport MW AK-47 worth $55 on steam market! Join up!
  7. TVirus

    TGP Cash Rep Guidelines

    TGP Cash Rep Guidlines Rule Details Disciplinary Action - You are only allowed to record reputation if is from a following method - The following are examples of things accepted on TGP Cash Rep: Crypto currency trades, coins from betting sites, direct transfers from bank accounts, mobile...
  8. TVirus

    VIP Information (CSGO)

    VIP is purchased from myself or any admin! Contact them now! Cost: $11 for one month of VIP 12 months of VIP for VIP+ VIP+ is permanent and can be acquired by buying 12 months of VIP consecutively, collectively, or all at once for $132! Admins get a %10 finders fee! Here is a list off all...
  9. TVirus

    TGP Trade Server Tag Applications

    Apply for a tag by copying the template below and submitting it to the Tag Application Section! -------------------------------------------- 1. Tag(s) you wish to apply for: 2. What will you bring to benefit our group/servers if you get this tag?: 3. Post any credentials that can show why...
  10. TVirus

    T-Virus Cash Reputation

    | steamname: T-VirusCaresForYou | steam3ID: [U:1:41697480] | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:20848740 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep: Hey what's up I am...
  11. TVirus

    How to create TGP Cash Reputation thread

    To post a TGP Cash Reputation you will need 3 things. 1. Attach your steam account to your TGP Forum Account & name your reputation thread - Name your reputation thread "Your Name + Cash Reputation" - Example T-Virus Cash Reputation 2. Paste your block of info on your...
  12. TVirus

    What makes TGP Cash Rep legitimate?

    What makes TGP Cash Rep legit? Reason Description We randomly ask new entries for proof of the transaction that occurred - This make almost every cash rep posted on the TGP Cash Rep legitimate because you never know when you will have to prove its legitimacy by providing full evidence We...
  13. TVirus

    Ban Appeal Format

    Hello! To request a ban appeal use the formats below. Make sure to have your steam profile you were banned on attached to your forum account. Thank you! Title: [Insert Your Name]'s Ban Appeal Example: T-Virus' Ban Appeal Body: (Copy the below questions, paste and answer them in your thread)...
  14. TVirus

    Admin Application Format

    Hello! Use this as a template to make an admin application. To get your application seen you should be active on the discord, server and friends with other admins. @'ing the correct roles in discord to get admins online to deal with issues will immensely improve your chances. Thanks...