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  1. Benis

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep Sold my Flammable Foil to him using Eth! I went first, No problems, it went great :D
  2. Benis

    badhitreg's cash rep

    +Rep he went first, paid 90$ for vox holo kato! Hit him up.
  3. Benis

    Milk's Cash Rep

    +Rep he went first, I bought 60$ of buff balance off him. Everything went smooth
  4. Benis

    Cash rep

    +Rep bought my Pink DDpat for 60$ through Zelle! He went first.
  5. Benis

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold Vice gloves Ft for 870$ through Ethereum! Great guy, I went First.
  6. Benis


    + Rep He Went first, I bought Buff Bal of him 60$
  7. Benis


    +rep He pre-paid for my M9 bayonet Phase 3 doppler, 300$ and waited 7 days for the skin! Hit him up!
  8. Benis

    Davidnturtle CashRep

    + Rep he went first for my .150 Ak fire serpent! paid 55$ cash + 395 in items.
  9. Benis


    +Rep Prepaid 68$ for an Empress!
  10. Benis

    Slic_K's Cash Rep Thread - 76561198308329851 (Banned for scamming)

    +Rep Bought a single Manifold Arc off him through venmo! 10/10
  11. Benis

    Busty Water Spout's CashRep

    +Rep Bought 4 Manifolds for 76$ through zelle! 10/10
  12. Benis

    Erty Derty's Cash Rep

    +Rep paid 330$ for my M4 Hotrod and Imperial Plaid gloves before I sent him the items.(thru zelle) Trustworthy guy, 10/10
  13. Benis

    sl0th's Cash Rep Thread

    + Rep Bought 10 maniforld Arcs off him for 190$ through zelle.
  14. Benis

    PHEEASKO Rep Page (76561198046077469)

    +Rep bought 6 arcs off this Boi. Fast per usual and friendly like always :D
  15. Benis

    Donut's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep He went first for a venmo transaction for 150$ He bought my ursus vanilla! Everything went smooth, no hassle and got shit done! HIT HIM UP
  16. Benis

    PHEEASKO Rep Page (76561198046077469)

    +rep bought 7 arcs off him for 124$ and i added some csgo skins to even the offer out! Trade went super easy, I went first.
  17. Benis

    Benis [Cash Approved] Tag Application

    1. Tag(s) you wish to apply for: CashApproved Tag 2. What will you bring to benefit our group/servers if you get this tag?: I often urge whether long term traders or new traders to create a cashrep thread on the tgp forum, while also letting them know why it can be more legit then regular...
  18. Benis

    Hybrid's Cash rep thread

    +rep bought his knife for 147$ through zelle, went perfectly! no hassle or problems. Hit him up
  19. Benis

    Kizer Cash Reputation

    + rep sold him 4 more arcs, went perfectly. Great trader! hit him up
  20. Benis

    Dwight Fairfield Cashrep

    +rep sold me 7 Arcs I went first with zelle , everything went smooth!