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  1. Ididntoucher

    Keanu Reeves Ban Appeal

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    thread locked pending investigation do not trade with him
  4. Ididntoucher

    Trystin's Admin Application

    +rep Active, never trolls and helps new players when he can. I think he’d be a great addition to the team.
  5. Ididntoucher

    kitty.mp4's Ban Appeal

    Scammers/shark can’t appeal bans
  6. Ididntoucher

    Nags Ban Appeal

    From me it’s a no.
  7. Ididntoucher

    Omega's Cash Reputation

    +rep sold a st mw X-ray via zelle he went first fast and fair thanks!
  8. Ididntoucher

    Nags Ban Appeal

    I posted screenshots of him admitting he is vlad posted in Admin radar and general chat. He was getting on an this alt while banned on his main for being toxic.
  9. Ididntoucher

    split's cash rep (76561198983764391)

    +rep Sold him my Navaja Black Pearl Fn via Zelle, he went first fast and smooth thanks!
  10. Ididntoucher

    Kaname / Retarded's TGP Cash Rep Thread

    +rep sold $283 worth of buff balance via zelle he went first fast and friendly
  11. Ididntoucher

    Novin's ban appeal

    I was the one who banned you I even asked you to stop calling it a black pearl and have you a chance then you did it again. Both you and your friend were trolling and told to stop you kept doing it.
  12. Ididntoucher

    Spanky's Admin Application

    +rep Well made application been in the trading community a while. He also doesn’t hold grudges and likes to help others. I think he would make a great addition to the team.
  13. Ididntoucher

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him my Awp Lightning Strike FN via ethereum, I went first.
  14. Ididntoucher

    Omega's Cash Reputation

    +rep Sold me $182 worth of buff balance via zelle he went first fast and friendly as usual <3
  15. Ididntoucher

    I am unsure why I am banned

    You have a ban from 2019 saying you scammed a kid out of his whole inventory. Then your most recent ban says scam attempt. Safe to say you should stay banned.
  16. Ididntoucher

    admin application

    Downvote maybe after you’ve spent some time on the server
  17. Ididntoucher

    Vlad CK's cash rep

    User is perma banned for joining our alt accounts while banned. As well as “ asking for people to send btc first without a middleman”
  18. Ididntoucher

    X cash rep

    Rep is under review please add me on steam to provide proof of the transaction listed above.
  19. Ididntoucher

    24mass CASH REP 76561198141247992

    +rep sold him 6 nametags via zelle he went first, fast and smooth.