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  1. RMV1207

    Selling Collection on Buff,5 Add me on steam if you want to discuss anything! Steam:
  2. RMV1207

    [Store] Full VP Loadout

    1. AK-47 Red Laminate BS (OFC ITS PASCHA Nametag) 0.45 VP (Holo) Katowice 2014 on wood, and Triple VP Katowice 2015 (Holo) [W] Karambit Freehand MW 2. Stattrak AWP Electric Hive FT (All for You Nametag) 0.17 VP (Holo) Katowice...
  3. RMV1207

    Just completed my Full Virtus.Pro Loadout (kato14&15,cologne,dreamhack ETC)

    Hi I just completed a pretty expensive :D Virtus.Pro Themed loadout (not as crazy as most on this server). Consisting of a lot of their holos from old tournaments and some quad non holos. A great mixture and I'm pretty happy with it so I thought I'd see what TGP thought. Thanks for taking a...
  4. RMV1207

    Sorry I don’t know what this should be under

    Some complete weirdo commented a bunch of -rep of my steam profile weeks ago for literally no reason. I’ve never ever traded with this guy he was just a complete random. He’s now commented -reps on my cash rep for me having a list of lowballers nothing to do with cash trades and commented...
  5. RMV1207

    [H] Bayonet Gamma Doppler FN Phase2 BTA Green 0.031 FV [W] Karambit Saughter FN + $200 in adds

    B/O Karambit Saughter FN + $200 in adds Have Beautiful Phase 2 Gamma Doppler Bayonet with ALOT of green and pretty low float. I want to downgrade but it doesnt have to be the specific items stated feel free to send an offer. Screen:
  6. RMV1207

    RMV1207 CashRep

    | steamname: RMV1207 | steam3ID: [U:1:361211699 | steamID64: | CustomURL: | steamrep: