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  1. SlimeHero

    Slimehero's Ban Appeal #2

    - Why were you banned? I jokingly said "Come to room 2 if you want to get scammed" and then after being banned I immediately started to hurl insults to the admin who banned me on discord, causing me to be banned on the discord too and possibly having my ban extended (i'm not sure.) - Why...
  2. SlimeHero

    Vlad Owns's Discord Ban Appeal

    imagine being this smart
  3. SlimeHero

    SlimeHero's Ban Appeal

    - Why were you banned? Mic spamming - Why should you be unbanned? I was banned more than a year ago and in that time period, I have learned what is funny and what isn't. I now know that loud ≠ funny. - In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)? I can put effort into...