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  1. Pothead

    badhitreg's cash rep

    +rep i bought his shadow dagger sapphire via venmo he went first
  2. Pothead

    Dad's Cash Rep

    i Bought His Huntsman CH Via venmo i went first
  3. Pothead

    ZumoDelish's Cash Rep

    +REP i bought his ak47 bloodsport via venmo i went first
  4. Pothead

    ZumoDelish's Cash Rep

    +REP i sold my M9 Bayo Tiger Tooth FN for $309 via venmo, i went first and he sent money right away.
  5. Pothead

    ZumoDelish's Cash Rep

    +rep He sold me his ST BS Classic Knife CH, i paid him via venmo i went first.
  6. Pothead

    sfpt's Rep Thread // 76561198158554103

    +rep i bought his Gloves Super conductor bs VIA Venmo He Went First
  7. Pothead

    ZumoDelish's Cash Rep

    +Rep i Bought his Gloves Buckshot FT Via Venmo I Went first
  8. Pothead

    Trystin's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep bought is survival knife ch and sport gloves arid via venmo i went first
  9. Pothead

    Potheads Cash Rep

    | steamname: Pothead | steam3ID: [U:1:90226849] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:45113424 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep: Have Done 1,360$ in...
  10. Pothead

    Soolpa's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep i Bought His Flip Knife Case Harden Ft Via Venmo i went first