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  1. Stubbier

    Zorda's Cash Rep

    +rep bought 791 rmb from him via zelle he went first
  2. Stubbier

    Zorda's Cash Rep

    +rep sold me his 10th max marble fade flip knife for 271 he went first via zelle
  3. Stubbier

    Zorda's Cash Rep

    +rep bought his cobalt skull gloves for 362$ usd via zelle he went first
  4. Stubbier

    Bighead's cashrep

    +rep bought 594$ in buff bal he went first, i paid via venmo ty
  5. Stubbier

    swefo cash rep

    +rep bought my awp gungnir field tested .25 for $2200 usd via ETH, he went first
  6. Stubbier

    crisdafish Cash Rep

    +rep bought $937 worth of buff bal from me via zelle, he went first
  7. Stubbier

    crisdafish Cash Rep

    +rep bought my phase 3 gamma doppler flip knife for 207$ via zelle he went first
  8. Stubbier

    Defs Legit cash rep

    +rep bought my m4 buzzkill for $17 i went first via venmo
  9. Stubbier

    Trystin's Admin Application

    +rep trystin is a very hardy individual that would make a good admin.
  10. Stubbier

    Birthdates Cash Reputation

    +rep bought her flip knife gamma doppler P3 and deagle blaze fac new via zelle ($429) She went first.
  11. Stubbier

    TGP Rayne5K Cashrep Thread

    +rep bought my buff bal ($680 usd) worth via zelle. i went first
  12. Stubbier

    Sosa's Cash Reputation

    +rep, bought my Royal Paladin Fac new via zelle, he went first
  13. Stubbier

    Kaname / Retarded's TGP Cash Rep Thread

    +rep middle manned for my kara gamma doppler p2, he went second via zelle
  14. Stubbier

    ThatCowHugger's Cash Rep

    +rep sold him 325 usd worth of buff bal was a pain in the ass and i have to now invoice him for asprin because my head fucking hurts. and had to use venmo because hes a 3 head
  15. Stubbier

    Stubbier's Admin Application

    Stubbier for Admin
  16. Stubbier

    Stubbier's Admin Application

    Name (First only is OK) - Bobbert Age - 20 How long have you been trading? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - 3 months How many hours do you have in CS:GO? - 1,230 hrs on record Do you have previous moderator/admin experience? - Yes, I owned multiple Minecraft servers back in...
  17. Stubbier

    JT's Cash Rep

    +rep bought his Awp prince Field tested for $995 usd via cashapp
  18. Stubbier

    Tini's Cash Rep

    +rep, bought my tiger tooth for $525, went smooth no problems
  19. Stubbier

    Dex's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep sold him $150 worth of buff bal, went smooth
  20. Stubbier

    Joe Rogan the Misogynist's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought another $20 worth of buff bal