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  1. TVirus

    PeepWae Cashrep

    LOCKED THREAD: Under investigation
  2. TVirus

    Chards' Cashrep Thread

    Hey Chards can you provide proof of your trade with rafix! Send it on discord or through DM's here thanks! EDIT: Chards has proved his trade with Rafix. Thanks! 11/15/2020
  3. TVirus

    87's Cash Reputation Thread

    Hey 87! Can you please provide proof of this trade! Send me a message with the info on our discord or here, thanks and GL trading!
  4. TVirus

    KennyS's cash rep

    Hey Kenny can you provide proof of your trade with snow fox! Send it on discord or through DM's here thanks! EDIT: Kenny has provided proof and his cash rep with snow fox has been verified legitimate.
  5. TVirus

    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation NEW

    This is Fox's Rep. An account error resulted in his deletion. His rep is legitamate.™-cash-reputation.697/
  6. TVirus

    Jimbo's CashRep Thread

    Scammer! Do not trade!
  7. TVirus

    Amazing First Hand Experience

    Thanks Cotton for the feedback! Appreciate you making this post it means a lot!
  8. TVirus

    green's rep page

    +rep bought something for $19 Aqua Marine Revenge I went first
  9. TVirus

    ThatCowHugger's Cash Rep

    +rep bought a bunch of random stuff at %90 buff for $252. sent via zelle he went first thanks
  10. TVirus

    ThatCowHuggers Admin Application

    Approved! Welcome to the team! Youll need an interview with Dad or Hisoka. Youll recieve intructions via discord. Thanks for joining TGP Admin Team!
  11. TVirus

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    Hey Spanky can you please provide evidence of your recent trade with user ".Cos" for Driver Gloves. Submit evidence to me on discord or messages here.
  12. TVirus

    frostiowns's ban appeal

    Appeal accepted unbanned
  13. TVirus

    Ban Appeal

    You can see in my message I am replying to the user bsrry. As far as responding to you. Sorry no way to unban you since the information is lost and we dont unban scammers.
  14. TVirus

    Trizzy_P's Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied.
  15. TVirus

    007trumpeter's Ban Appeal

    Improving your behavior is what we are looking for. Ban appeal denied.
  16. TVirus

    Streqm's Cash Rep

    Hey what's up Streqm! Can you please provide uneddited screenshot evidence this trade occured? Please send me a DM on here or on Discord. If you need the discord link it is at Thanks! Edit: He has provided evidence of the trade occurring as stated! Thanks and best of...
  17. TVirus

    Spanky's Admin Application

    Approved! Welcome to the team and we look forward to what you will bring to our server thanks!
  18. TVirus

    Milk box ban appeal

    Approved however if any of the of the items they listed happens you will get a more severe consequence as we know you understand the rules. Thanks for playing on TGP
  19. TVirus

    Ban Appeal

    If that's all you're here to do is start shit and hurt people you can go
  20. TVirus

    Ban Appeal

    Yeah well banned for scamming is permanent unless you paid back the parties within a week of the original trade/scam & it was a misunderstanding would be the only way youd get unbanned.