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  1. Darksi

    past's cash rep

    +rep sold him 1552.5 BuffBal via Paypal, he went first!
  2. Darksi

    chancyburgers cash reputation

    +rep sold him 2000 RMB via Etransfer, I went first!
  3. Darksi

    Streqm's Cash Rep

    +rep I prepayed 62$ USD for 4x C9 Krakow 2017 Holo's Unapplied, he sent me them once tradable, I went first!
  4. Darksi

    Defs Legit cash rep

    +rep sold me his karambit Ruby Fn for 2800$ via paypal, he went first!
  5. Darksi

    Bubble Jackets cash reputation

    +rep sold me his Ak Wild lotus MW for 2050$ CAD via etransfer, he went first!
  6. Darksi

    boon's TGP cash rep

    +rep He prepurchased my handwraps duct tape FT Sending the money in full,then i sent the item when it was tradable!
  7. Darksi

    Defs Legit cash rep

    +rep sold me 960$ USD worth of items via Paypal (M9 Marble/Flachion Marble etc..) he went first!
  8. Darksi

    Cam - Cash Rep

    +rep sold me his M9 Gamma/M4 Bulletrain/Ak Vulcan ST FT via Paypal, he went first!
  9. Darksi

    Cos Steam rep

    +rep sold me 7 CSGO Items (BFK Vanilla/Imperial Plaids FT/ ST FT Vulcan ak/ etc... for 1550$ USD via Etransfer, he went first!
  10. Darksi

    Blade's cash rep

    +rep bought his flip doppler p1 fn for 145$ via eth, he went first!
  11. Darksi

    chancyburgers cash reputation

    +Rep I sold him 3048$ USD of Buffbal via Etransfer, He went first.
  12. Darksi

    swefo cash rep

    +rep sold him 1010$ USD worth of buff bal via Etransfer, He went first!
  13. Darksi

    Kaname / Retarded's TGP Cash Rep Thread

    +rep sold me some skins and buff bal for $200 in eth. he went first.
  14. Darksi

    chancyburgers cash reputation

    +rep sold him 1650$ USD of Buff Balance Via Etransfer, He went first!
  15. Darksi

    Defs Legit cash rep

    +rep prepayed 150$ USD on a cash/item trade for my Dragonlore Awp FT!
  16. Darksi

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep he bought 2082 RNB for e-transfer, I went first.
  17. Darksi

    xTwistt's Cash Rep

    +Rep he sold me his Awp Dragonlore FT via paypal, I went first!
  18. Darksi

    Streqm's Cash Rep

    +rep, sold him my Awp Medusa FT for E-Transfer, I went first, Paid a very good price and only took minutes
  19. Darksi

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +rep I sold him an Ursus Doppler P1 FN via Etransfer, I sent the item first & received the money right after!
  20. Darksi

    cloner's Cash Rep

    +rep bought my bfk blue steel / bayonet blue steel / Spruce Gloves for 525$ USD cash! he went first then i sent skins!