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  1. chards

    monstermash445 cash rep

    +rep Bought $120 of ETH from him for BTC. He went first, Thanks.
  2. chards

    max954's cash rep

    +rep Sold him 512 RMB of buff balance for E-Transfer. He went first, Thanks!
  3. chards

    DownFall's Cash Reputation

    +rep He bought $512 USD worth of my buff balance for ETH, he went first. Thanks!
  4. chards

    ChrisT-K-'s Cash Reputation

    +rep Bought his M9 Doppler P2 for $425 CAD via E-Transfer, he went first.
  5. chards

    hi im chards

    i dont like you
  6. chards

    Adam Pog's cash Rep

    +rep I sold him 265 CAD worth of buff balance via E-Transfer, he went first. Thanks!
  7. chards

    g0dspeed's Admin Application

    this aged well
  8. chards

    Ravioli.exe Cash Rep

    +rep Bought his Dragon Lore FT for $2590 CAD via E-Transfer, we used Kenan as a middleman and everything went smooth! Thanks
  9. chards

    Yoshikage Kenan's Cash Rep

    +Rep, middlemanned a AWP Dragon Lore FT ($2590 CAD) via E-transfer. I sent cash. Ravioli sent dragon lore. Kenan sent cash. Awesome and very trusted trader!
  10. chards

    monstermash445 cash rep

    +rep I bought his Bayonet doppler p4 for $265 via Ethereum, he went first. Thanks !
  11. chards

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +rep I bought $265usd worth of his Ethereum via EMT 1:1, I went first. Thanks :)
  12. chards

    Spanky's Admin Application

    +rep super tryhard very active very trustworthy man #Spanky4Admin
  13. chards

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +rep Sold him my M9 Lore MW .08 for $1242cad via E-Transfer, I went first. Thanks!
  14. chards

    chancyburgers cash reputation

    +rep Bought his AWP Prince with crown on scope for $1500 CAD via E-Transfer, I went first. Thanks!
  15. chards

    Stubbier's Admin Application

    Yooo! Stubbier for admin boyz! The albertan-cleaner over here! The albertan-exterminator over here! The mister-chief-craftinator over here! The 1/1-mister-chief-craft-owner over here! The albertan over here! The smelly-person over here!
  16. chards

    Streqm's Cash Rep

    +Rep Sold him pandora's box gloves 0.46 float + he prebought gut knife ultraviolet & ST FT ak neon rider all for $1,000 CAD. I went first.
  17. chards

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him $1080 worth of crypto ( mixture of BTC/ETH) for e-transfer, I went first.
  18. chards

    Clouds cash rep

    +rep sold him 1300 rmb for ethereum, he went first, item returned. thanks!
  19. chards

    Ravioli.exe Cash Rep

    +rep sold him my huntsman marble fade for $224.60CAD via E-Transfer, he went first thanks!
  20. chards

    sfpt's Rep Thread // 76561198158554103

    +rep bought his ST FT Neon rider for $54.44 via ETH. he went first, thanks!