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  1. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster tf2 Application

    Name (First only is OK) - kyle Age - 25 How long have you been trading? - (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - since 2020 for CS. Traded in 2013-14 on tf2, while everyone was scamming/sharking I was buying steam trading cards for scrap :) How many hours do you have in CS:GO? - 1,990...
  2. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    T-Virus Cash Reputation

    +rep loaned him buff balance and was paid back quickly $111. 🤖🤖🤖🤖
  3. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    DestroY1ing Cash Rep

    +rep he sold me m9 vanilla for zelle. trade was quick and easy
  4. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    Xreoys Cash Rep

    +rep bought gloves off me prepaid and I waited until he was off tradehold to send them. easy and chill to trade with
  5. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    T-Virus Cash Reputation

    +rep bought a tyloo foil from me for balance and zelle. I went first:coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:
  6. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    T-Virus Cash Reputation

    +rep He prepurchased a 2018 tyloo foil with zelle. He went first. Sticker tradable in 2 days 👾👾👾👾
  7. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    T-Virus Cash Reputation

    +rep bought 1463 buff bal off me with zelle I went first👲👲👲👲
  8. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    T-Virus Cash Reputation

    +rep he bought 6154 yuan with zelle I went first.💎💎💎💎
  9. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep he bought $1350 worth of buff balance via LTC, I went first. thank u bb!
  10. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    Static's Cash Reputation

    ++rep I sold buff balance two transactions. One was for $30 the other was $100 via zelle. He went first both occasions and was easy to trade with. Both transactions are on csgo-rep
  11. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    JRG - Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought 2000 rmb from me with LTC. He went first and again was very easy to trade with.
  12. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    JRG - Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought $205 of buff balance from me with ETH. He went first and was pleasant to trade with.
  13. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    JRG - Cash Rep Thread

    +rep Bought $157 of buff balance off me with LTC. He went first and was patient while waiting for the confirmations.
  14. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep I sold $230 buff balance for zelle. Dad went first and transaction was quick and easy.
  15. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    squintjet811's CashRep

    MM for 3 LDLC kato crafts. I sent $850 in btc the seller got zelle in return. Very quick and chill.
  16. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    htr3d's Cash Rep

    +rep sold me LDLC holo hypno mp9 for .12 ETH. He went first.
  17. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    MagiC's CashRep Thread

    +rep sold me FT bloodhound gloves guerilla for eth he went first.
  18. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    Glaze's Cash Rep

    +rep sold me Karambit Slaughter FN for $420 zelle
  19. TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    ThatCowHugger's Cash Rep

    +rep Middlemanned for me and Glaze for 440 via zelle.