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  1. ati

    Nate's Cash Reputation

    +Rep he bought my guardian 3 genuine pin for 90$ via ltc, he went first.
  2. ati

    DIOR's Cash Rep Thread

    +Rep i sold him a ak-47 wasteland rebel with x4 nip holo kato2015 for 115$ usd via btc,he went first and all went smooth!
  3. ati

    KARA Cash Rep

    I sold him a m4a1-s boreal forest with virtus pro katowice 2014 holo best pos, for 70$ usd (30$ eth,40$ btc) he went first,thanks fot the deal dude!
  4. ati

    Ryting's Rep Thread

    +Rep bought his motogloves polygon ft for 200$ in ltc, he went first, Thanks for the deal dude!
  5. ati

    boon's TGP cash rep

    +Rep i sold him a m4a1-s darkwater with kato2014 stickers & awp hyperbeast with 3dmax holo kato2015 for 100$ in total via btc,he went first! thanks for the deal dude!
  6. ati

    Kaname / Retarded's TGP Cash Rep Thread

    +rep i bought him -870 empire coins,all went smooth and fast! thanks dude (he went first)
  7. ati

    MrCottonWooL's | CashRep | Thread

    +rep,sold him 1000 RMB buff balance,he paid via eth,he went first. Everything went fast and easy,thanks for the deal dude!
  8. ati

    Bhook's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep i sold him 8 clg katowice 2015 holo stickers via ethereum,he pre-paid me 260$ first then i gave him all the stickers,and after that i got all the rest of the money (in total the transaction was 1037$) thanks for the trade dude!
  9. ati

    Trystin's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep i bought bloodhound gloves bronze ww 81$ via ETH,i went first all went smooth and easy,thanks for the deal dude!
  10. ati

    Adept's Cash Rep

    +rep I presold him a ak-47 red lam with x4 3dmax holo stickers for 105$ paypal,he received the ak when it got unlocked,Thanks for the trade dude!
  11. ati

    Suhslok Cash Rep Thread | 76561198880792235

    +Rep I Sold him a Ak-47 | Aquamarine revenge mw w/ clan mystik katowice 2014 for 110$ btc,He went first, ¡Thanks for the trade Dude!
  12. ati


    +rep i bought him 37 tf2 keys via eth,he went first. ¡Thanks for the trade Dude!
  13. ati

    DevGambit's Cash Rep

    +rep I Bought him a bayo gamma doppler fn for 300$ btc,he went first,thanks for the trade dude!
  14. ati

    s4mmy CashRep

    +rep I bought him a m9 crimson web bs for 135 euros paypal!,he went first. Thanks for the deal mate!
  15. ati

    Mustached's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep i bought him a ak-47 red lam with x4 3dmax holo,for 85$ eth he went first. Thanks for the trade dude!
  16. ati

    Omega's Cash Reputation

    +rep Sold him 235 euros in buff balance,he paid via eth he went first,all went fast and smooth. Thanks!
  17. ati

    Ryting's Rep Thread

    +rep I bought him a ak-47 fire serpent ft for 315$ usd eth crypto (he went first) Thanks for the trade dude!
  18. ati

    Shadow Application

    +rep a kind and great trader at all,the only but i would put is his low cashrep but knowing how we trades like and who is him,is a good candidate to apply for admin
  19. ati

    Virid's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep i sold him a ssg08 blood in the water st fn for 191$ eth,he went first,all went smoth and fast! thanks dude!
  20. ati

    Biddlez Cash Rep

    +rep i bought him a bayonet crimson web with 125usd btc he went first!