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  1. Fresh

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep sold shitty bs classic knife bluesteel, and mw m4a1 masterpiece w/ crown best for for 166,
  2. Fresh

    Stubbier's Admin Application

    stubbler for admin, the man isn't retarded and does nothing but sit on tgp
  3. Fresh

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep bought galil blue titanium 4x kato for 69 on zelle. He went first lol.
  4. Fresh

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep bought fn m4a4 tooth fairy for 42 on zelle, I went first
  5. Fresh

    Jurme's Cash Rep

    +rep the fucking man, super easy to work with and very quick. Bowie p2 sold for 151 through zelle, I went first
  6. Fresh

    green's rep page

    +rep pre-bought two atl siggys for $80 zelle, he sent on time. I went first.
  7. Fresh

    Slic_K's Cash Rep Thread - 76561198308329851 (Banned for scamming)

    +rep super easy and understanding, sold me bowie doppler p2 for $170, I went first.
  8. Fresh

    Fresh's Cash Rep - 76561198152238707

    | steamname: Fresh | steam3ID: [U:1:191972979] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:95986489 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep: Please include the following: What...