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  1. TVirus

    Groovys Ban Appeal

    Accepted thanks!
  2. TVirus

    BOB's ban appeal

    The admins and I spoke. You don't have any reports on you and its been a few years. Unbanned but we will be watching you closely
  3. TVirus

    Havoc's Ban Appeal

    you can use your trading history to find his profile
  4. TVirus

    FeSiAs's Cash Rep

    Hey Fesias! Can you prove your most recent trade with Kipfer? If you could send me uncropped screenshots to discord or through DM's here that would be awesome! Once completed I will edit this message. EDIT: Fesias has provided proof of this transaction! It has been confirmed. Thanks for helping...
  5. TVirus

    Bacons unban appeal

  6. TVirus

    TF2 Unusual Paradise Trade Server Admin Application.

    Accepted!~ Thanks for joining the team!
  7. TVirus

    Blizzard's Ban Appeal

    Accepted, thanks!
  8. TVirus

    bacon's cash rep

    Pre-Bought a 100 Thieves Foil Boston 2018! Thanks a ton!
  9. TVirus

    raksOn ' s Ban Appeal (mistake)

    I'll look into this
  10. TVirus

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster's cash reputation

    +rep he sold me 1463.79 yuan for zelle. I went second trade was fast :) on 12/15/2021
  11. TVirus

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster's cash reputation

    +rep bought an item for me off buff and sold it to me for zelle $266.87. I went first
  12. TVirus

    Zakaxy cash rep

    +rep bought bowie lore with zelle $177 I went first!
  13. TVirus

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster's cash reputation

    +rep sold me $942 of buff balance. We used Zelle to transfer he went first. Thanks!!!
  14. TVirus

    Flopalott Admin application

    Absolutely wonderful to have you here. You'll make a great admin. Accepted
  15. TVirus

    venom's cashrep

    Thread locked
  16. TVirus

    huntr ban appeal

    This sounds great! I will hold you to your word Hunter. Bring many laughs and good trades please We are currently beind DDOS'd though so you'll have to wait till we come back to get on the new halloween update we made just for you huntr
  17. TVirus

    ryyy cashrep

    +rep sold him $316 of buff balance through Zelle
  18. TVirus

    007trumpeter's Ban Appeal

    Approved. Ban removed