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  1. ThatCowHugger

    24mass CASH REP 76561198141247992

    +rep bought a m4 blue phossy for 123.5, i went first.
  2. ThatCowHugger

    pap1's Cash Rep

    +rep presold a awp pink ddpat with crown on scope for 140.69 via venmo.
  3. ThatCowHugger

    Joe Rogan the Boobie's Ban Appeal

    are you sure you're banned? nothing comes up on the ban logs.
  4. ThatCowHugger

    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

  5. ThatCowHugger

    Mastitious Ban Appeal

    unbanned. have fun trading mate!
  6. ThatCowHugger

    the75bag's updated request for admin

    +rep been around a long time, and whenever I talked to him on the server he was a chill guy. If you asked me to name someone that has ever had a problem with 75 on the server, i couldnt.
  7. ThatCowHugger

    Kessie Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep sold him the #1 bs gut damascus for 4 payments of 28.75 with paypal credit, I went first
  8. ThatCowHugger

    Parry's Ban Appeal

    Declined. just do what the admins ask you to do the first time around. Next time, try to keep your story straight.
  9. ThatCowHugger

    miLk's ban appeal

    Approved. Ban is 2+ years old, and was a perma for micspam.
  10. ThatCowHugger

    Parry's Ban Appeal

    what did you guys talk about then?
  11. ThatCowHugger

    Parry's Ban Appeal

    Please provide us with full chat logs between you and the other person, along with the trade, and a link to this second persons account.
  12. ThatCowHugger

    Milk's Cash Rep

    +rep sent me 150 in eth for paypal, he went first. QT <3
  13. ThatCowHugger

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep sold him a pair of foundations FT for 125 via zelle and a AK CH MW x1 comp NH on wood in 4 days (2/21)
  14. ThatCowHugger

    RMV1207 CashRep

    Comments cleared because they were non cash related.
  15. ThatCowHugger

    PurpleBigMak - Cashrep Thread

    +rep bought a nitro kato for 14$ via zelle, he went first
  16. ThatCowHugger

    PurpleBigMak - Cashrep Thread

    +rep bought 3 floated items from him for 20$ via zelle, he went first.
  17. ThatCowHugger

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep sold him a stiletto slaughter ft for 122.5 via zelle, he went first.
  18. ThatCowHugger

    Glaze's Cash Rep

    +rep bought a usp kill confirmed bs for 26.99, he went first
  19. ThatCowHugger

    Trystin's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep Bought 1k rmb for 152 usdc, he went first. What a cutie ;)
  20. ThatCowHugger

    Thupreme's Cash Rep

    +rep he bought like 60 crip toes from me for 70$ venmo zzz