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  1. Funky

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep sold $421 usd worth of buff bal i went first because dadmin is too daddy for me
  2. Funky

    SyL3nTFoRcE Cash Rep

    +rep sold st mw ak-47 vulcan for $368.48 via zelle
  3. Funky

    RoYaLe_FuZZ cash rep Thread

    +rep sold 500 rmb($75 USD) via buff bal
  4. Funky

    Mustached's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep sold $100 USD worth of buff bal
  5. Funky

    Ryting's Rep Thread

    +rep bought ft amphibious gloves for $500 via venmo very smooth and easy
  6. Funky

    Huntrs Admin application

    +rep huntr for admin
  7. Funky

    Caymwin - cash repo thread

    +rep sold $20 worth of buff bal
  8. Funky

    EUGH's Cash Rep

    +rep bought bayonet stained ft along with a bunch of other playskins for 210 usd
  9. Funky

    Jurme's Cash Rep

    +rep bought 570usd worth of buff bal
  10. Funky

    Bhook's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep bought stickered ST MW AK-47 Frontside Misty for 51 USD, I went first. Thanks for trading!
  11. Funky

    Jurme's Cash Rep

    +rep bought 1000 rmb($155 USD) worth of buff bal through venmo
  12. Funky

    Sniipz Cash Rep

    +rep bought 2 paper kato 2019 zyw0o stickers, 2 paper kato 2019 s1mple stickers and 3 name tags for $17 USD
  13. Funky

    Funky's Cash Rep

    | steamname: Funky | steam3ID: [U:1:410840487] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:205420243 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep: