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  1. TVirus

    bacon's cash rep

    Pre-Bought a 100 Thieves Foil Boston 2018! Thanks a ton!
  2. TVirus

    raksOn ' s Ban Appeal (mistake)

    I'll look into this
  3. TVirus

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster's cash reputation

    +rep he sold me 1463.79 yuan for zelle. I went second trade was fast :) on 12/15/2021
  4. TVirus

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster's cash reputation

    +rep bought an item for me off buff and sold it to me for zelle $266.87. I went first
  5. TVirus

    Zakaxy cash rep

    +rep bought bowie lore with zelle $177 I went first!
  6. TVirus

    TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster's cash reputation

    +rep sold me $942 of buff balance. We used Zelle to transfer he went first. Thanks!!!
  7. TVirus

    Flopalott Admin application

    Absolutely wonderful to have you here. You'll make a great admin. Accepted
  8. TVirus

    venom's cashrep

    Thread locked
  9. TVirus

    huntr ban appeal

    This sounds great! I will hold you to your word Hunter. Bring many laughs and good trades please We are currently beind DDOS'd though so you'll have to wait till we come back to get on the new halloween update we made just for you huntr
  10. TVirus

    ryyy cashrep

    +rep sold him $316 of buff balance through Zelle
  11. TVirus

    007trumpeter's Ban Appeal

    Approved. Ban removed
  12. TVirus

    xav's ban appeal

    Appeal denied. Based on information gathered you will not be unbanned anytime soon. You may apply in a year but if we recover certain evidence of some claims you'll stay perma banned with no appeal. Thanks. Not to mention two sketchy accounts +repping you
  13. TVirus

    Staff/Admin Application

    Great application. I think you'd be a good fit for the TF2 Trade Server when I finally get that finished. Do you go on the CSGO Trade Server?
  14. TVirus

    Camerondono's Ban Appeal

    If you make a rep, and more than a week has passed, I will approve this unban. We require all of our active cash traders to make a cash rep on our forums. We try our best to keep our community tight and scammer free. Please post a link here to your TGP Rep to help us do that. Thanks
  15. TVirus

    36.166 sry (old rec with boost)

    Nice, I updated the current WR list!
  16. TVirus

    !surf WR (35.53s) (With Boost)

    Nice one dude! Updated the WR list!
  17. TVirus

    Bootys ban appeal

    Accepted, thanks!
  18. TVirus

    Havoc's Ban Appeal

    First step would be returning the item to the person you stole it from. Then we can talk about how long you will stay banned after you have paid him
  19. TVirus

    BMR. sinful (sinful) ban Appeal

    Accepted! Welcome back
  20. TVirus

    SyL3nTFoRcE Cash Rep

    Bought $157 of buff balance off him! We split the %2 fee! I used zelle to send it to him! Thanks :)