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  1. Defs Legit

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him Flip emerald FN + Sports gloves Pandora WW via crypto, I went first. fast service with fair prices!
  2. Defs Legit

    Hexnano's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep presold a kara marble fade for 720 cash+items he went first
  3. Defs Legit

    Soolpa's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought 795 USD worth of buff bal via venmo i went first
  4. Defs Legit

    Jurme's Cash Rep

    +rep bought a FT howl for 1660 venmo we used a middle man
  5. Defs Legit

    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep sold him a kara ruby for 2800 paypal i went first
  6. Defs Legit

    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep sold him 960 worth of skins via paypal i went first
  7. Defs Legit

    .xeno's Cash Rep

    +rep bought 860 us worth of buff bal via venmo i went first!
  8. Defs Legit

    Astrofish123's cashrep

    +rep bought a 2014 kato digie for 257 he went first via venmo
  9. Defs Legit

    Adolf Cartman's CashRep

    +rep bought flip autotronic FT for 110 zelle he went first
  10. Defs Legit

    Uncle Randal's TGP Rep

    +rep bought falchion marble fade plus playskins for 170$ he went first via paypal
  11. Defs Legit

    Trystin's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep sold a FT dlore for 1975 i went first via zelle
  12. Defs Legit

    Birthdates Cash Reputation

    +rep bought 320 worth of playskins she went first!
  13. Defs Legit

    Meyekk's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep pre bought a gut ruby .008 40 upfront and 280 more paid today!
  14. Defs Legit

    TGP Rayne5K Cashrep Thread

    +rep Bought stattrak m4 hyperbeast MW + Souveneir Road rash, I went First! Fast and easy!
  15. Defs Legit

    Stubbier's cash rep thread

    +rep bought his buzz kill and cyrex for 27$ he went first ;)
  16. Defs Legit

    Bighead's cashrep

    +rep bought 630 us in buff bal from him i went first
  17. Defs Legit


    bought navaja marble fade fn for 85 venmo i went first
  18. Defs Legit

    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep sent 150 down on a dragon lore trade, went through smoothly!
  19. Defs Legit

    Perfects's Cash Rep

    +rep bought 52.5USD worth of keys +awp hyperbeast and mac-10 discotech stat ww he went first
  20. Defs Legit


    bought a aquamarine revenge and desolate space stat MW he went first +rep