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  1. ItzDelta

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him my Driver gloves BS + ST FT Stiletto Knife Boreal Forest for USDC, I went first. Quick and easy!
  2. ItzDelta

    Raztoki Cash Rep Thread

    +rep sold him my AK-47 Fire Serpent for $389 Zelle, I went first and he went right after! Super quick and easy, would 100% recommend doing business with him!
  3. ItzDelta

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +rep sold him my karambit slaughter fac new for $450 eth, I went first and he went after!
  4. ItzDelta

    Zyn's TGP CashRep

    +rep sold him an ursus forest ddpat mw .08 for $80 zelle, I went first and he sent a second later, very good guy!
  5. ItzDelta

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep he bought my M9 Crimson Web FT via ethereum for $200, I went first.
  6. ItzDelta

    Trystin's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep, sold him .332 ft spearmints and furia holo for 734 via zelle i went first
  7. ItzDelta

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him 1800 yuan worth of buff balance for ethereum, I went first.
  8. ItzDelta

    ItzDelta Cash Rep

    @Alisan33 ok sending on discord
  9. ItzDelta

    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him my ★ Sport Gloves | Pandora's Box FT for PayPal I went first! easy and quick!
  10. ItzDelta

    baddie's cash rep thread

    +rep sold him my huntsman urban masked ft for $60, he paid first via zelle!
  11. ItzDelta

    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

    +rep bought an AUG Akihabara .23 for $393 PayPal friends and family. He went first!. 100% legit and will 100% do business again in the future.
  12. ItzDelta

    green's rep page

    +rep sold him .27 spearmints for $930, and huntsman doppler, ak-47 asiimov fn, awp wildfire fn, for $313. He went half and half the first time for the spearmints and sent in full for the bundle of skins.
  13. ItzDelta

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him my Sports Glove Vice FT + Huntsman Doppler Sapphire FN for $1835 USD ethereum, I went first. Good guy
  14. ItzDelta

    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him my ST Awp BOOM MW, M4a1-S Chantico Fire FT, and Bayonet Ultraviolet BS for $180 USD Ethereum! I went first ( two separate transactions of one with the play skins and one with the knife). He sent the money right after!
  15. ItzDelta

    SirWeasel's Rep Thread 76561198136189132

    +rep sold him $55 worth of buff balance, he covered fee and went first through venmo!
  16. ItzDelta

    ItzDelta's Ban Appeal

    - Why were you banned? - I posted about my issue with g0dspeed on the general chat of the discord - Why should you be unbanned? - I didn't know, and I was trying to bring awareness of a serious issue - In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)? - Post in the correct...
  17. ItzDelta

    Hydromaniac's Cash Rep

    +rep Sold him Classic Knife Night Stripe MW for $91 via zelle, he went first and I delivered right after!
  18. ItzDelta


    +rep Pre-bought Huntsman Damascus WW, ST AWP boom .09 MW, AK Vulcan WW, Usp-s Orion FN, AK Point disarray FT, Glock water elemental MW, Glock bullet queen BS, AWP elite build MW, AWP corticera FT, and AUG Bengal tiger MW, All together as a bundle for $180, I went first via Zelle and he delivered...
  19. ItzDelta

    Zyn's TGP CashRep

    +rep pre-bought his ak-47 vulcan .18 for $34 via zelle, I went first!
  20. ItzDelta

    TreSic Cash Rep

    +rep Bought his Glock-18 Bullet Queen FT for $20 Zelle, I went first and he went second.