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  1. GalvanCookie

    Entire Server Glitched

    Hi there. I first joined the TGP server ( a few months ago. There were around 50 people online but the only chat I could see were the [TGP] server infos (e.g. If you enjoy our server...). There was also no one talking on mic. After a while I left. This repeated every time I joined...
  2. GalvanCookie

    [H] Various TF2 and csgo items totalling $800 [W] Statrak AK, M4 and AWP

    I have now bought everything I want, this is no longer valid Hi there. Looking to get my hands on a nice statrak M4A4, AK-47 and AWP skin. I'm not really looking for any massively over $50 as they are just play skins. Looking mainly for these in FT or above but if you have something really...
  3. GalvanCookie

    [H] 88 TF2 keys and $600 TF2 inventory [W] Playskins

    Looking for USP-S Ak-47 AWP M4A4 Glock-18 playskins. Ideally looking for nice (yet inexpensive) statraks e.g. FT Statrak AK-47 Frontside Misty FT Statrak USP-S Flashback I'm mainly looking to pay with TF2 keys or unusuals Also how does the trade server work. I went on with 30 people...