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  1. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    monkichi's TGP cash rep

    +rep sold my damascus steel bayo via Venmo, for $141.69 usd, He went first! Smoothest Transaction! :)
  2. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    monkichi's TGP cash rep

    +rep I sold my Ump Blaze for 12$ via Venmo, He went First! Everything was smooth!
  3. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    Glaze's Cash Rep

    +rep <Date of Purchase of 8/17/20> I bought a M9 Doppler ph2 for 326$USD via Zelle, I went first. //Smooth Transaction!
  4. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    To_Your_Right Cash Rep

    +rep bought his 2 Awps < Mortis ST FN .05, Neo-Noir FN .06>, Ursus Doppler Ph4 .02, Navaja Ultra Violet MW .14, Navaja Fade 87% .00x, Sticker Navi (Holo) Kato 15 for $749 Via Zelle, He went First // We did seperate transactions and each one was very smooth! Very Chill guy! + rep购买了他的2 Awps...
  5. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    MonsterPandaz's Cash Rep (76561198264117106)

    +rep Middlemaned $305 in ETH for Ursus Doppler and play skins. Smooth thanks!
  6. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    NotEmpire's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep bought 4 Bloodsport Ak-47 FT, Overgrowth MW, Blaze Ump FN .00x via Zelle, I went First! Transaction was smooth! Chill guy! The Arrival Time of the Deal was met @ 5pm EST.Do Recommend this guy! + rep通过Zelle购买了4 Bloodsport Ak-47 FT,Overgrowth MW,Blaze Ump FN .00x,我走了第一! 交易顺利! 帅哥!...
  7. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep Bought a Fire serpent AK BS .47 via Zelle, I went first. Transaction was smooth. +rep 我通过Zelle买了一个火蛇AK BS .47,我先走了。 交易顺利。:)
  8. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    Chards' Cashrep Thread

    +rep Bought 2x Cologne Dig Holos for $560 Usd via Bitcoin, I went first and everything was smooth. I do recommend this guy, Chards for any Crypto Trades! He is very patient and chill when btc transactions are processing. Cheers, my Friend!
  9. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺

    green's rep page

    +rep cologne 14 holo hell $28 via zelle, quick trade, I went first
  10. KillaGh0stL4x鬼殺


    | steamname: KillaGh0stL4x愛|鬼殺 | steam3ID: [U:1:278766496] | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:139383248 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep: 💎 CSGO Cash Rep 💎...