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    Raztoki ban appeal

    Raztoki's Ban Appeal - Why were you banned? "always arguing with people & insulting, no link to TGP Cash Rep, 3 bans on record" - Why should you be unbanned? I helped return scammed items twice totaling $1200, and I help new players learn how to get into trading. I'm an...
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    monkichi's TGP cash rep

    +rep bought his p90 cold blooded FN for 30.68 via Venmo. He went first
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    Glaze's Cash Rep

    +rep bought $240 usd worth of buff bal via Venmo. He went first
  4. Raztoki

    Sniped U TeeHee Cash Rep

    +rep bought his .37 omegas for BTC. He went first
  5. Raztoki

    swefo cash rep

    +rep bought my hr unapplied for LTC. He went first
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    Zakaxy cash rep

    +rep sold him 600 usd worth of buff bal via Zelle. He went first
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    RoYaLe_FuZZ cash rep Thread

    +rep sold him 789 usd worth of buff bal via Venmo. He went first
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    Dad's Cash Rep

    +rep sold him bs dlore for $1505 and a tf2 unusual hat for $1200. I went first, thru Zelle both times
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    Benito Mussolini's Cash Reputation

    +rep bought his gut knife urban masked mw + convoy ww for Zelle. He went first
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    DestroY1ing Cash Rep

    +rep bought his spearmint bs for Venmo. He went first, awesome guy as always =)
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    Sniipz Cash Rep

    +rep sold him a stickered souv detour and .00000 moonrise for $59 total via Venmo. He went first
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    Lil Uzi Vert's Cash Rep

    I middle manned a kara TT sale with him and BeastMV for $470 via Zelle. Beast sent me the money, Uzi sent the item, then I sent Uzi the money.
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    badhitreg's cash rep

    +rep sold him $700 usd worth of buff bal. He went first via venmo. Chill and nice guy =)
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    Sniipz Cash Rep

    +rep Sold him an Ak CH, Awp Asii w/ gold on scope + 5-7 CH for $200 via Venmo. He went first
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    ✪ Daniel™ Cashrep

    +rep bought 1128 rmb off him for venmo. He went first