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    Erty Derty's Cash Rep

    +rep bought gut knife slaughter MW st, went first, good trade, fast trade
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    Erty Derty's Cash Rep

    +rep sold me survival knife | scorched FT st for 95% buff, good trade, went first, amazing person <3
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    trippee's Cash Reputation

    +rep bought gloves easily, went first, good trade
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    Tidus Cash Rep

    +rep sold gut knife black lam MW for 90%, went first, good trade
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    Ididntoucher's- Cash Rep thread

    +rep sold BFK Damascus for 90% buff, very good guy good trade
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    Virid's TGP Cash Rep

    +rep sold M4A4 | Emperor FT for venmo bal $18
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    Natty1x Cash Reputation

    +rep bought 5 arcs, I went first
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    hyunchong02's Cash Rep Thread - 76561198044181483

    +rep sold arc for delayed transfer, amazing person <3
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    Lanson's CashRep Thread

    +rep sold him $120 worth of ranked skins, also bought 3 arcs, good trader
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    Erty Derty's Cash Rep

    +rep, purchased nova hyperbeast for $4.00 cash, fast easy trade
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    DeadArea´s Cashrep Thread

    +rep, traded in bitcoin and went first, bought #66 tec-9
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    PR1D3 Cash Reputation

    +rep, bought 3 arcs for good price, fast and easy
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    TriMental's Cashrep

    +rep, good guy, bought #12 float skin for $7
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    r1sK's CashRep

    +rep sold me 9 arcs for 19 each through venmo, did 3 at a time, I sent cash first, sent items after, good trade
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    Lanson's CashRep Thread

    +rep bought 1 arc for $18.75, went first, good seller