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    ThatCowHugger's Cash Rep

    +rep Sent 130 PayPal after I paid in eth, is a true blessing
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    squintjet811's CashRep

    +rep bought my Ak, Knife and gloves for 830 USD, I went first. All smooth
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    Mustached's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep bought my deagle printstream for venmo I went first
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    TESLA's Rep Thread

    +rep bought my tooth fairy with 4x 2015 NiP holos in an items plus cash deal for 45 zelle, I went first. Thanks!
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    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +Rep sold him my LDLC Cologne 2014 Holo + Virtus Pro Cologne 2014 Holo via ethereum, I went first.
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    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep MM'd for me again, 169.5 Via ETH Great guy!
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    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep MM'd for me for 445 via ETH Amazing guy and a great friend. Recommended
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    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep MM'd a Deal for me for 203.5 Via Eth, Tysm!
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    Fallen's Cash Reputation thread

    +rep bought his M9 Bayo CH for 800$ Via Venmo, He went first, Fast N Fair. Thanks!
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    Raztoki Cash Rep Thread

    +rep Bought my Bayo F&I 6th Max for 700 Dollars Via Zelle, He went first. Fast N fair. Thanks!
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    sfpt's Rep Thread // 76561198158554103

    +rep bought my ak hydroponic via venmo for 320! I went first, thanks!
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    Soolpa's Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought Huntsman Ruby for 790 USD via Venmo. I went first. thanks!
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    Mustached's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep bought 500 USD worth of buff bal off him, I went first. fast and easy
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    badhitreg's cash rep

    +rep Bought my Karambit Fade and Sports Gloves Arids MW for 1225 cash via venmo, Fast and Safe Thanks!
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    Kaname / Retarded's TGP Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought 242$ worth of buff bal, went smooth, Thanks :)