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    ChrisT-K-'s Cash Reputation

    +rep bought his mw classic knife slaughter, howl pin, ak legion of anubis mw, howl patch, crown patch, usp kill confirmed ft, st awp containment breach and st fn glock water elemental for eth, he went first super easy deal!
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    "I will ching you´s" "cash reputation"

    +rep bought 42 tf2 keys off him, he went first thanks g.
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    Cos Steam rep

    +rep sold my kara dop p4 to him, he went first super cool dude!
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    Yoshikage Kenan's Cash Rep

    +rep, transferred 5198.62 Empire coins for ($3081 USD) ETH for me. I went first. No one else I'd trust more than this guy right here
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    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

    +rep sold him my Dragon Lore FT .22 for eth. he went first fast and ez
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    Steel Crown's Individual Cash Rep Thread

    +rep sold a total of $500 worth of buff bal across 3 transactions for zelle / amazon credit. he went first
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    Kodak VAC's TGP Rep Thread

    +rep sold him $295 worth of buff bal for venmo, he went first!!
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    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

    +rep sold him 24 atlanta stickers for $115 cash via eth, he went first!
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    Benito Mussolini's Cash Reputation

    +rep bought his m4a1-s icaurs fell for paypal, he went first!
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    Kaname / Retarded's TGP Cash Rep Thread

    CASH REP VERIFICATION 8/26/2020 Message me on discord/stem proof of the trade with "sfpt" +rep bought a blue mag AK case hardened FT from him for $380 zelle, I went first, fast and easy. thanks Send me a screenshot of the trade and payment CASH REP VERIFIED AS OF 8/27/2020
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    999 Cash Rep

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    Vlad CK's cash rep

    +rep bought his kara rust coat for .0132 btc, he went first!
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    Stubbier's cash rep thread

    +rep sold him 750 rmb for zelle, he went first smooth trade!
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    Field_Sweeper's ban appeal

    Like I said I was told you were doing it then I warned everyone. I started adverting and for at least 10 seconds you were still talking. Once again you can not appeal a temp ban.
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    Field_Sweeper's ban appeal

    You can not appeal temp bans. You were banned for constantly talking over ads then proceeding to talk over my ad for at least 10 seconds. You were also just unbanned for calling an admin a shark so your ban was harsher! In the future I would advise to listen to admins. Thank you