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    Cam - Cash Rep

    +rep Sold him Hand Wraps Overprint .18 FV for $325 cash!
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    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    He cashed out about $1580 in coins on Empire for me!! :D I went first
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    Milk box ban appeal

    unban this man
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    Vlad Owns's Discord Ban Appeal

    -rep this dude is gay, keep him banned
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    Field_Sweeper's ban appeal

    I clearly remember you talking over for a WHILE during Hisoka's advert. Just calm down a bit, and come back after the week and have a chill time man. If you decide not to do that and carry on with your life, best of luck with your future, and thank you for your service!
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    Benis - Cash Rep Thread

    +rep Sold him 2 Kato Bright Waters 10 days in advance, this dude is an absolute legend.
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    xTwistt's Cash Rep

    +rep Bought Kara Slaughter FN for $390
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    Slic_K's Cash Rep Thread - 76561198308329851 (Banned for scamming)

    Alright then, you decided to block me, I'll give you one more chance dude. The last thing I want to do is affect your future but if you leave me no choice, I will not hesitate to have myself, and MANY other people contact Purdue and let them know that one of their international students from...
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    Slic_K's Cash Rep Thread - 76561198308329851 (Banned for scamming)

    I know you;re reading this, you need to add me on steam as soon as possible. RITHWIK ******** - g0dspeed
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    plankzys cash rep

    Bought a Kara Gamma Doppler FN for $800, fast and ez
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    ItzDelta Cash Rep

    +rep Sold this dude a Kara Fade FN .00x for $865
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    Zamism's Cashrep

    +rep Sold him a Glock Tec-9 Nuclear Threat for $25
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    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

    +rep Sold him an M4A1s master FT Piece for $25
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    Milk's Cash Rep

    +rep Presold him a M9 Lore FT for $415!
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    Gaint's Cash Rep

    +rep Sold this guy $250 ETH 1:1