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    SyL3nTFoRcE Cash Rep

    +rep sold 112 usd worth of buffbal, he went first. We had to wait a bit for the bank to catchup on zelle, but everything worked out in the end.
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    Spanky's Cash Reputation

    +rep he sent 295 usdc through coinbase for .22 imperial plaids. I went first, Fast and efficient!
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    +rep sold fire serp .19 ft and random SV for 490 zelle. He went first and eveything was fast and...

    +rep sold fire serp .19 ft and random SV for 490 zelle. He went first and eveything was fast and efficient!
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    Bhook's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep bought imperial plaid .22 for $354 via Zelle, I went first. Fast and efficient!
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    Bhook's Cash Reputation Thread

    +rep bought 352 USD of buff bal (2300 approx.) for 1:1. Very fast and efficient via zell, I went first. :)
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    Raztoki Cash Rep Thread

    +rep bought 1200 rmb of buff bal via zelle. I went first and everything was safe and efficient.
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    Fish Cash Rep

    +rep sold glock nuclear garden for $10 (90%) via zelle, he went first. Fast and efficient trader!
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    OH HI MARK#Brokering cash rep thread.

    +rep sold usps neo noir mw for 91% buff. He went first via cash app. Fast and efficient trader.
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    ThatCowHugger's Cash Rep

    +rep sold mag 7 bulldozer .07 MW for 9 buckaroos (went first via Zelle). This man bought the color yellow for 9 bucks, what a dummy.
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    ThatCowHugger's Cash Rep

    +rep sold deagle mecha industries fn, dualies twin turbo fn, p90 asiimov ft, and famas commemoration ft for 31.69 via zelle, he went first, we had sex ;)
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    ThatCowHuggers Admin Application

    i would have sex
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    sfpt's Rep Thread // 76561198158554103

    +rep Bought his .15 flawless Lunar Weave gloves. I prepaid a day in advance (I went first) via Zelle, and he sent the trade immediately after the ban expired. Polite and efficient trader :).
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    Sandman TGP Cash Rep

    +rep Bought BUFF balance off of him (600 RMB). I went first and he even covered the extra fees. I paid via Zelle.
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    xTwistt's Cash Rep

    +rep Sold AWP | Pink DDPAT with a crown on the scope for $150 via Zelle. I went first, but Zelle was glitching and processing the money. He stayed in communication with me the whole time until it finished processing. I felt safe and confident throughout the entire trade.
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    Hinjeniero's cash rep

    +rep Bought an AK | Jet Set MW with a crown on wood for $246 off of Float DB. Very kind and efficient trader.