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    DDK - 76561198904319731 Rep Thread

    +rep bought ak emerald pinstripe with 3 dignitas katowice 2014 via paypal, I went first, all smooth
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    SnowFox™ Cash Reputation

    +rep sold my awp graphite with (On scope) vox 2014 holo, (On body) 2015 vox kato holo and ( On body) esl wolf for 400 ETH, went first
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    MonsterPandaz's Cash Rep (76561198264117106)

    +rep Bought Vox Holo Graphite w/ Vox 2015 under scope for $50 Zelle + IBP Asiimov, I went first. Thanks!
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    Darksi's Cash Reputation

    +rep bought bfk blue steel ftm bayo blue steel ft, spruce ddpat hand wraps ft for 525 dollars via paypal, went first, no issues
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    nosound's cashrep

    +rep added 50 dollars to trade viz zelle, went first
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    cloner's Cash Rep

    | steamname: cloner | steam3ID: [[U:1:349470902] | steamID32: STEAM_1:0:174735451 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
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    Bonk's Cash Rep

    +rep bought hyper beast awp with dignitas non holo kato on scope via zelle 125, went first