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    i got banned for ignoring admin

    Ban Details Player Sturmreb No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:578272201 Steam3 ID '][U:1:1156544403] Steam Community 76561199116810131 Invoked on 12-12-20 00:25 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Ignoring Admins Banned by Admin Administrator Banned...
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    Please unban me :(

    here is the main account that i got banned on. csgo420 No Demos Steam ID STEAM_0:1:530533526 Steam3 ID '][U:1:1061067053] Steam Community 76561199021332781 Invoked on 02-07-20 02:29 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Multi-Hack Banned by Admin...
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    Please unban me :(

    Title: [π•Ύπ–™π–šπ–—π–’π•½π–Šπ–‡]'s Ban Appeal Example: T-Virus' Ban Appeal Body: Hi my name is ian and i was banned for duplicate account and from the source account i was banned for using aimbot in the arena and,I will never do this again because i love this trading server i even bought prime for it and i...